Exploring Individual Sports After a Lifetime of Team Sports

Considerations for Selecting the Right Cricket Bat

The right cricket bat is essential in cultivating proper stroke techniques, particularly for young players who are still developing their skills. Therefore, it is critical to research the sports market and explore the viable options before settling for the perfect product. This will help you make an informed custom decision that conforms to your current and future needs. Here is a short guide to help you identify suitable cricket bats.


The material used in fabricating a cricket bat will determine aspects such as weight, comfort and handling. In addition, it is important to select a high-quality bat which will provide long-term service. Cricket bats are generally carved from willow, a fibrous wood. The English willow is the most popular variety because it is light and can be handled easily. The raw material is sourced from plantations in England because the growth conditions cannot be replicated. Unfortunately, the cost of purchase is relatively high.

Kashmir willow is a cheaper alternative to the English wood. It is harder and heavier, so it can limit performance when used by most regular players. However, high-quality Kashmir willow bats are still ideal for casual cricket games, and they are highly durable. Carbon fibre and titanium materials are being inserted in the handle section of some modern bats. The enhancement gives the bat a lighter feel and more power is generated in the heating area. Additionally, these materials will absorb the vibrations created after impact.

Handle Length

Cricket bats are made with varying handle lengths to suit the height of the player. In simple terms, if a short player handles a long bat handle, their swing will be compromised. Most cricket shops have categorised their bats in terms of height and the typical age bracket of the ideal users. Junior players such as teenagers and young players will need to choose specialised bats. On the other hand, adults have two choices: short and long handles. Short handles are found in regular-sized bats while long-handles are designed for people who are taller than average.

Batting Style

The batting style should be considered during the cricket bat selection process. This refers to the position of the area where the ball is expected to hit most frequently. This sweet spot can be low on the bat face, at the medium or high and close to the hands. The low design is suitable for straight shots and is often used in India while the high alternative is the traditional Australian design. If you are an all-rounder, purchase the medium bat design.

Now that you know what to look for when purchasing a cricket bat, check out a store like Hawthorn Cricket Centre to find the right one for you.

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Exploring Individual Sports After a Lifetime of Team Sports

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