Exploring Individual Sports After a Lifetime of Team Sports

A Few Tips for Choosing Medals for Your Sports Team

Managing a sports team should mean getting medals for all the participants (especially for the standout athletes at the end of every season) or for when there are important meets, games, tournaments, and other such events. Many children treasure those medals and may keep them well into adulthood, and they can help to motivate them to do their best and really excel. This is why it's good to think about the medals you choose and their overall design, rather than opting for the smallest and cheapest option available. Note a few tips for choosing medals for your sports team that they're all sure to love.

Make them colorful

Medals may still be expected to be gold, silver, and bronze for the top three competitors. However, this isn't the only way to make them colorful; you can typically have colors added to the graphics inside the medals in order to dress them up even more. You might opt for pink and blue for girls and boys, or choose the colors of your school or team. If you're choosing graphics that represent the sport itself, you can often add colors to these; a yellow tennis ball, black and white soccer ball, brown American football, and the like. These added colors make medals stand out and be more visually appealing, and the kids may appreciate the personality of such medals versus those that are just a solid color.

Choose a fun shape

Medals don't need to be just round anymore; opt for a fun design that kids will love. This can mean a star, a badge shape, the shape of a dog tag, or even a heart-shaped medal for girls. When a medal is a unique shape, it can stand out in a trophy case or when displayed on a wall with other medals, and this makes it all the more unique.

Include a good display case

When presenting medals to children after a long season or any type of event, you may personally put the medal around their neck. However, remember that they need to be able to display the medal at home when it's not worn. Opt for a good display case for the medal and use this as part of the ceremony; you can open the case and present them with the medal, and then they can keep the case for displaying it. They'll appreciate having that added option that fits their medal specifically, and this will also help keep the medal protected over the years.

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Exploring Individual Sports After a Lifetime of Team Sports

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