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3 Useful Things to Include in a Custom Cycling Jersey Design

If your cycling club or group has decided to wear custom cycling jerseys, then you may spend a lot of time talking about materials, styles, colours and logos. While it's important to get comfortable jerseys that reflect your club or group, you can also add other features to cycling jerseys that might be useful.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Reflective Printing

Cyclists sometimes end up in accidents because cars don't see them. This can be a bigger problem if you cycle in the early morning, evening or at night when visibility isn't great.

When you design your custom jerseys, you can often add reflective strips to them. These strips reflect light, which help you be more visible to drivers. The lights of an approaching car would make the strips shine, allowing the driver to see you more easily.

You may have a bit of choice over where you position reflective materials on your jerseys. As well as strips, you may be able to make your club or sponsorship logos out of reflective prints.

2. A Pocket With a Zip

While a lot of cycling jerseys come with pockets on their back or sides, these are often left open. You can order custom jerseys that come with a zipped pocket. This pocket may be the only one on the jersey, or the jersey may come with a couple of open pockets as well.

While open pockets are useful, they may not hold their contents securely. Things can fall out of the pockets and get lost. This is why a zipped pocket can be really useful for your riders. It gives them a secure place to store their house keys and some cash. So, if you stop off during a ride to buy some drinks, they will have access to money.

3. Zip Garages

The zips on cycling jerseys can get in the way, especially if you're racing hard. The top of the zip might flap around your neck and face. If the zip rubs against your skin when you're cycling, you may end up with irritated or even broken skin.

Zip garages are flaps of material built into the top and sometimes bottom of cycling jersey zips. When you do up the zip, you put the puller in the flap. The flap keeps it in place and stops the zip coming into direct contact with your skin.

To find out more about these features or to learn more about things you can add to your cycling jerseys, talk to your custom jersey supplier.

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