Exploring Individual Sports After a Lifetime of Team Sports

Harness the World Cup to Encourage Kids to Play Soccer

Although rugby league, cricket and Australian rules football tend to be the most popular games for children in the country to play outside, there is an increasing number of kids who prefer to play soccer. Football is the world's most popular team sport and the Australian national team has qualified for the World Cup finals which will be held in Russia this winter. Given that this four-yearly competition throws a spotlight onto the sport in Australia, you should use it as an opportunity to get more kids interested in kicking a ball around. Read More 

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Exploring Individual Sports After a Lifetime of Team Sports

Welcome to my blog. My name is Mark. Throughout primary and secondary school, I played all the popular team sports such as football and rugby. However, as I got older, it became harder to find leagues that worked with my busy schedule. For a while, I stopped exercising, and I gained some unwanted weight. Then, I realised that I should try to get into individual sports. I began to explore rock climbing, skateboarding, jogging and several other sports. I have loved the experience, and I want to help others with that transition. If you are thinking about exploring individual sports but you have only played team sports, this blog is designed to help with you everything from selecting equipment to staying motivated. Thanks for reading!